Thursday, December 2, 2010

Adobe Walls Reading Period & calendar updates

A message / reading-submission reminder  from Kenneth P. Gurney, Picnic reader and MC, Adobe Walls editor, via email list maven Elaine SchwartzI've not been keeping up well with the calendar and deadline thing ~ won't yet commit myself to its future either. Our local online event calendar eats up all my calendration time and energies. What can I say? This is Mountainair's only comprehensive public option. NM poets have other options. Get on Elaine's and/or Billy Brown's emailing lists, check - and submit to - the Local Poets Guild calendar, get ABQSlams' email announcements only group or follow on Facebook. There are more. many with rss feeds you can subscribe to. 

Kenneth writes,

The Adobe Walls reading period for volume 2 is half over.  So far AW2 is about 55 pages long, but awaits more words.  It makes my editor life easier if poets submit work at least a week before the deadline of 31 Dec 2010.  While working on the first AW volume about 50% of the submissions arrived the last 3 days.  

Please follow the submission guidelines

I've been surprised how many (I assume) veteran poetry submitters ignore the guidelines in submitting to both volume 1 and so far 2.  The guidelines are set up to make my editorial life easier.  If you have a concern, please contact me first, before deviating from the guidelines.  

There has been some concern that if you were in volume 1, you are not eligible for volume 2.  This thought is incorrect.  All NM poets are eligible to submit to each volume of Adobe Walls.  So far my average response time to submissions is 5 days.

If you have NM poet friends you wish to share this email with, please do. If you have a poetry friend who wishes to be on this contact list, please ask them to send me an email stating so.

Live a good poem ...

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