Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, John Cage!

…from PennSoundJacket2 and of course anyone who

would like to join the worldwide chorus of well-wishers celebrating what would have been John Cage's 100th birthday, and we've got recordings and texts, both old and new, for you to enjoy.

First, here's a short PennSound playlist of Cage-related resources, which includes everything from Cage's own writings, poetry and performance inspired by Cage, excerpts from conversations and interviews in which poets discuss Cage's influence on their work, and even full-length lectures by noted Cage scholars:
Meanwhile, over at Jacket2, we have two very exciting new articles which approach Cage and his work from different angles. Jena Osman frames the online "textual instrument" NewsReader through Cage's I-VI in "Playing the World", while in "Hidden harmonies in John Cage's 'Empty Words,'" Dawn Akemi Sueoka ably balances mycology and linguistics as she explores Cage's deconstruction of Henry David Thoreau's journals.

Happy Birthday, John Cage!…and yet another reminder that Al Fireis' free, open online course in modern poetry starts this Saturday September 10

Monday, September 3, 2012

#Duende Poetry Reading: John Brandi & Renee Gregorio

…Sept16 #NMpoetry event @ Anasazi Fields Winery, HT @ Elaine Schwartz for timely reminder in a ready to blog format.

Announcing Duende Poetry Series Reading

John Brandi & Renée Gregorio

Sunday, September 16, 3pm
Anasazi Fields Winery
Village of Placitas, NM

Call (505)867-3062 for Information
An astounding free poetry event. Welcome!

books for sale and signing,
wine, snacks, drinks, a meeting of poetry & friends
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