Preface to “Review Review” ~ Jared Schickling:
Book reviews. One can do a great service, or disservice, or minimal service in either case, to the work under consideration, not to mention both authors and to some extent perhaps, the “state” of American Poetry. And look around, they’re everywhere.

This potential and saturation inspired the project presented here. It’s what motivated me to seek out responses to the question of book reviews. A question, because when I ask it to myself (and I don’t think I’m alone), the familiar answer contains 500 words of as much objectivity as one can muster. But forgoing the formulaic, what actually is this activity called “reviewing?” What can it be? What should it be? And why? Is it somehow relatable to acts of reading and if so, what could that suggest for the review to be written?
The rest of the reviewing:
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