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Poetry Daily. March 24

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The Kenyon Review: Interview with Ted Kooser
Ted Kooser on the effects of poetry:  "I think we respond to poems the same way we respond to works in a gallery. We walk through a gallery; we may not be crazy about abstract expressionism, but we turn the corner in a gallery and there is an abstract expressionist painting, and there's something that just happens to us, and this is an individual, a private response. There are poems that will immediately move us, emotionally move us. And we don't need to know exactly why that happens."  Read the complete interview on The Kenyon Review website!

Poetry Out Loud Competition Heats Up This Month!

Poetry Out Loud: National Recitation Contest competitions are happening all over the U.S. this month. This past Saturday, alone, students in Ohio, Idaho, Louisiana, Maryland, Oregon, Texas, Florida, West Virginia, and Nevada squared off in contests to recite everything from Gerard Manley Hopkins to Kim Addonizio. Contact  Ann Weisman,, New Mexico Arts, (505) 827-6490, to learn more about NM participation and find out which poems helped students win our state's Poetry Out Loud championship. Winners from each state, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands will compete in Washington, DC, on April 29, 2008 for the National title. And check out the online anthology and videos on the POL web site...
2008 FIELD Poetry Prize
Oberlin College Press announces the 2008 FIELD Poetry Prize, a contest open to all poets, whether previously published or not. Manuscripts of 50 to 80 pages should be submitted in May, with a reading fee of $22, which includes a year’s subscription to FIELD magazine. Previous winners include J. W. Marshall (Meaning a Cloud), Mary Cornish (Red Studio), Jean Gallagher (Stubborn), and Beckian Fritz Goldberg (Lie Awake Lake). For complete details....

Poetry Daily Features:
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mid-March Update on Picnic and Workshop

Dale reports -

Getting correspondence going about features for the Poets and Writers Picnic, August 23. So far a couple of yesses...
I'm asking her to teach at the workshop as well - she's been doing a writing project out at The Land and it would be perfect to take people out there for plein air writing that Friday afternoon and have her as the facilitator. Tom & Edit Cates are happy we want to come, saw them today and have their okay. Now waiting for a reply from Miriam and think there's a good chance she'll say yes.

We'll look more at the schedule for where to put your plogging tutorial - all will become clear I'm sure, it is still pretty early on.

Heard back from Miriam Sagan. She will guest teach a Friday afternoon plein air session. We'll drive out to The Land and spend a couple hours there. She has been doing a residency and we'll see her installation plus do some of our own writing. She's a gifted, up-beat teacher.

Another good piece of news for the PWP. Our dynamic duo of musicians, Bud and Jessica aka The Blue Rose Ramblers will be back. So pleased with how they performed last year. You could describe their music as Contemporary Cowboy. They are young, talented, nice people and fun to listen to.

Ed Note: so much for gettting Dale on as guest contributor for original posting to eliminate the middle (wo)man, e.g. me. I'm still working on it...

Also please note - the MMAC website is recently updated and now lists Sunflower Festival information (albeit nothing about us - but I sent a reminder, in hope of prompt redress. The March MMAC Newletter is also available online and in hard copy at Cibola Arts gallery (site unfortunately still woefully update-challenged) in Mountainair (just down from PO)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Poetry Daily Newsletter March 10, 2008

1. Announcements from Poetry Daily’s Sponsors

*Poets and Writers Re-Launches Web Site
Poets & Writers, Inc., the nation's largest nonprofit organization serving creative writers, has re-launched its Web site. The new site features expanded online-only content from Poets & Writers Magazine; databases of grants and awards, literary magazines, and small presses; job listings; and an events calendar. Check it out....
*2nd Annual Robert Watson Poetry Award
Spring Garden Press and The Greensboro Review invite submissions for the 2nd Annual Robert Watson Poetry Award chapbook competition. Submission deadline April 2nd. The winning manuscript will be announced in October 2008 and will be awarded with the publication of a letterpress-printed, limited-edition chapbook. The winning poet will also receive a cash award of $500. For complete guidelines...
*9th Annual Tupelo Press First Book of Poetry Contest Now Open
Judge's Prize: $3,000. For poets who have not yet published a full-length collection of poetry. Judged together by Jeffrey Levine, Editor-in-Chief of Tupelo Press, Carol Ann Davis, and Garrett Doherty, Editors of the esteemed literary journal Crazyhorse. Submissions should be postmarked by April 15, 2008. Full guidelines ...
*Stanford Continuing Studies Online Writing Courses
This Spring, Stanford Continuing Studies offers its prestigious Writer's Studio courses online. Participate anytime, anywhere; get the support you need to launch or finish your next writing project. The Online Writer's Studio gives students a unique new way to participate in Stanford's acclaimed writing courses. Courses range from Creative Nonfiction to Writing the Feature Magazine Article. Spring Registration is currently open. Spots for these courses fill up fast so register today! For more information and to enroll...
*Four Way Books 2008 Intro Prize in Poetry
Brigit Pegeen Kelly, judge. Submit a book-length collection between January 1 and March 31, 2008 via email or post. $25.00 entry fee. Publication, $1000 award, reading in NYC. For Guidelines and entry form ....
*Special Membership Offer: Academy of American Poets
Join the Academy of American Poets now through April 30, 2008, at the Associate level or above and receive a free copy of our new Poets in the Parks CD. Poets in the Parks compiles highlights from our summer reading series in New York City parks, and features Timothy Donnelly, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Major Jackson, Cate Marvin, and others. Academy membership includes a subscription to American Poet, discounts on CDs, poetry books, and other great benefits.
*2008 FIELD Poetry Prize
Oberlin College Press announces the 2008 FIELD Poetry Prize, a contest open to all poets, whether previously published or not. Manuscripts of 50 to 80 pages should be submitted in May, with a reading fee of $22, which includes a year’s subscription to FIELD magazine. Previous winners include J. W. Marshall (Meaning a Cloud), Mary Cornish (Red Studio), Jean Gallagher (Stubborn), and Beckian Fritz Goldberg (Lie Awake Lake). For complete details....
*Grub Street Book Prize
Call For Submissions: 2008 Grub Street Book Prize for a non-first book of poetry from a poet outside New England. One winner receives $1000 and all-expenses-paid trip to Boston plus accommodations for reading, book party and citywide publicity. An exciting opportunity to promote your work in Boston's thriving literary community. Poetry deadline postmark March 15th, 2008. Reading fee/donation $10. Check Guidelines first. Grub Street Writers, 160 Boylston St. Boston, MA 02116. 2007 winner: Linda Gregg, In The Middle Distance

2. Poetry News Links

News and reviews from around the web, updated daily:

  • James Longenbach reviews A Phone Call to the Future, New and Selected Poems, by Mary Jo Salter. (The New York Times)
  • Barbara Berman reviews In Praise of the Unfinished, Selected Poems, by Julia Hartwig; translated by John and Bogdana Carpenter. (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • Peter Porter reviews Shakespeare's Poems, edited by Katherine Duncan-Jones and H. R. Woudhuysen. (Times Online)
  • Ted Kooser's Valentines reviewed by Emily Nussbaum. (The New York Times)
  • Mary Karr introduces a poem by Archilochos, translated by Brooks Haxton. (The Washington Post)
  • Andrea Shea talks to James Sitar, Peter Campion and Jay Parini about Robert Frost's newly published Dartmouth tapes transcripts. (NPR's All Things Considered)
  • Nicholas Wroe interviews reggae poet, Linton Kwesi Johnson. (Guardian)
And more....

3. This Week’s Featured Poets

These and previously featured poets may be found in our archive:
Monday - Allen Grossman
Tuesday - Damian Walford
Wednesday - Julia Hartwig, tr. John and Bogdana Carpenter
Thursday - Matthew Sweeney
Friday - John Witte
Saturday - Gretchen Steele Pratt
Sunday - Dana Roeser

4. Featured Poets March 3 - March 9, 2008

These and other featured poets may be found in our archive:
Monday - Eugenio Montejo / translated from Spanish by Kirk Nesset
Tuesday - Frank O'Hara
Wednesday - James Haug
Thursday - Marina Colasanti, tr. Cristina Ferreira-Pinto Bailey
Friday - BT Shaw
Saturday - Emmy Hunter
Sunday - Ronaldo Augusto, tr. Isis McElroy

5. Poem From Last Year

white days, a passion for the winter-birds
cached in every elm, each goat
with its bell in the pasture
as the wind tolls diurnal through the scape,
a far gray band of willows,
the snow cross-harrowed, a barn
where every breath has faltered
where beasts lie down in stalls
quiver and are still, are hauled
to the fire, roil, and enter the earth
as wind skurls bright smoke
against the purple that is darkness blooming
Kevin Goodan, The Massachusettss Review. Copyright © 2007 The Massachusetts Review. All rights reserved. Reproduced by Poetry Daily with permission.
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Will it stretch that far? Will it go round three
Continents or four, three hearts or more,
And still slide through a ring ?
Worn and unravelled night and day without
A break, past two time zones, retain
Its sleek, original shape?
How many machines can we put it through,
How many phones, planes, taped voices
And still find it wearable?
Is our love elastic, or some finer,
clinging, skinlike, inward-breathing weave
To make all this bearable ?

© 1993, Ruth Vanita
Ruth Vanita page at Poetry International

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sunflower, Picnic and Workshop Update

To reiterate the previously announced, the Poets and Writers Picnic is set for August 23 - same time, same place as last year. 12n-5 pm at the gazebo Shaffer Hotel garden.

Confirming too the Sunflower Poetry Workshop, August 21-23. Details, brochure and registration information forthcoming. In the meantime, check the PWP page for pictures, description and brochure from the 2007 and 2006 workshops.
As in previous years, PWP runs concurrent with the Mountainair Sunflower Festival (or whatever it is called in any given year... sunflowers remain a constant), put on by the Manzano Mountain Arts Council (MMAC). Activities include (but may or may not be limited to) art exhibits an crafts fair at the Dr Saul Community Center, a sunflower hat contest and a chili cook-off. For more information contact Ray Terhorst or Kristine Lauritsen. When MMAC has more details and/or puts a Sunflower page on its website, I'll post it here. Until then, preview 2008 by checking out past sunflowerings.
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