Thursday, January 17, 2008

Welcome to the Poets and Writers Picnic blog

Mountainair's local arts entity, the Manzano Mountain Arts Council axed Sunflower, replacing it and arts tour (long overdue for the ax), with a fall something, as yet to be announced or described. Unconfirmed word on the street: the Town of Mountainair may adopt the orphan.

What then happens to concurrent but longer running Poets and Writers Picnic, celebrating its 11th this year? And other features, such as local merchants displaying children's sunflower art, less dear to the arts council? That's up to them. The Poets and Writers Picnic and the Sunflower Poetry Writing Workshop will continue I hope other features join hands, metaphorically speaking, with PWP and SPWW.

A less ambitious and more laid back sunflower will be easier on organizers (so far just Dale and me) and maybe even more fun. For sure, it will be less susceptible to usual overdone hype, invariably followed by visitor letdown... the daytripper's version of "buyer's remorse."

Stayed tuned for updates and blog redecorating ... we'll keep you posted...
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