Friday, December 10, 2010

Malpaís Review, Issue #2

Malpais Review #2 Cover

The second issue of the Malpaís Review features the work of the following poets:

David W. Cramer, Jack Hirschman, Todd Moore, Stanley Noyes, Susan Sherman, Suzanne Lummis, William Archila, Dorothy Barresi, Brendan Constantine, Ron Koertge, and Charles Harper Webb


Other poets included in this issue are:

Gary L. Brower, Gregory L. Candela, Alvaro Cardona-Hine, Albino Carrillo, Wayne Crawford, Alex Gildzen, Larry Goodell, Kenneth P. Gurney, Dale Harris, Pamela Adams Hirst, Kyle Laws, Carol Lewis, Joan Logghe, John Macker, James McGrath, Tony Moffeit, Patricia Monaghan, Theron Moore, Bill Nevins, Greta Pullen, Margaret Randall, Robert Fernandez Retamar, Kell Robertson, Georgia Santa Maria, Eric Paul Shaffer, Joe Speer, Marilyn Stablein, Richard Vargas, Stewart Warren, and Lawrence Welsh


The Malpaís Review

, Editor 

Gary L. Brower writes, we seek

 to expand upon New Mexico's rich and diverse cultural heritage by bringing together poetry, poetry translation, essays on aspects of poetry from writers around the state, the USA and beyond. 

The issues will be published quarterly. Each issue will take 10 to 20 pages for one featured writer with the remaining pages open to everyone else. Some interior pages may be used for black and white artwork. 

Submission guidelines

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