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Fixed & Free, Thursday, 12/23/10

and A reminder, a Call for Submission announcement and notes on 2011 from Billy Brown, who writes, 

I am quite confident that we will be ready to make available at the December 23 Fixed & Free reading, a Call for Submissions for a Fixed & Free Anthology of Poetryto be published approximately Summer 2011, and to be released at a 2011 Fixed and Free reading to celebrate 3 years of Fixed & Free poetry readings
The primary eligibility requirement to submit is this: The submitting poets shall have read (either feature or open mic) at a Fixed & Free reading prior to February 28, 2011.

Please come to the December 23 Fixed & reading at The Source to receive an early copy of the call for submissions, or you can get one via email to welbert53@aol.comor at many Albuquerque poetry events between now and February.
I have wanted to do this for quite a while but was reluctant to embark upon this adventure without a team in place to share the work. Special thanks to Anthology team members Elaine Schwartz, Greg Candela and Stewart Warren.


The Source, 1111 Carlisle Blvd SE


I am pleased to remind you of the December 2010 Fixed and Free poetry reading, Thursday,  December 23, 7-9 pm, at The Source, featuring Gary Stewart Chorré. Door Prizes.
While you are at it, read some of your own poems and/or favorite poems by other poets. Just as a suggestion (NOT a requirement), let's have some poems of Peace and Light in honor of this holiday season! Also, please invite friends who love poetry. Yours truly will be hosting.... Yours for Powerful Poetry, Billy Brown. 401-8139

December 2010 "Fixed and Free" Poetry Reading
Featured Poet:  Gary Stewart Chorré
Date:                Thursday, December 23, 2010
Time:               6:30 pm open mic sign-up, 7–9 pm reading (feature at about 7:45)
Location:          Garden Room at The Source, 1111 Carlisle Blvd SE
Host:                 Billy Brown, 401-8139
Cost:                 Free  (We appreciate donations to help defray a $ 20 fee for using The Source.)
Rules:               5 minute limit on the open "mic" (there is no mic)
Food/drink:      There will be pastries for sale – 50¢ each
                         Hot water is available in Source kitchen for coffee and tea

About Gary Stewart Chorré:
Like many poets I have encountered in Albuquerque, I first heard Gary's poetry at Central Avenue readings.  Gary is a consummate actor who often performs his poems with no notes, often in very dramatic fashion!  His work ranges from clever aphorisms to philosophical musings to life lessons from one who has sometimes learned the hard way.
Gary Stewart Chorré's publications include several full-length books: Bits and Pieces of a Faint Shadow, Olympic Dreams: Atlanta '96, A Modern Luddite, Moonflower Blossoms, and most recently: Peering Through the Third Eye.  He has published poems in The Rag, Central Avenue, Along the Rio Grande, Albuquerque Arts, and Albuquerque Journal and Tribune.  Gary presented featured performances at many venues in New Mexico and from California to New York City to Dundee, Scotland, including:  Barnes & Noble, The Albuquerque Museum, Tribes in NYC, El Rey Theater, Bound to Be Read, and Mountainair Poets and Writers Picnic (concurrent with annual Sunflower Festival).

Except for the month of April, the year 2011 is so far unscheduled for Fixed and Free featured poets.
Don't get me wrong; we have plenty of poets who have requested to feature next year! It's just that, as yet,  I have not lined up specific poets for specific months. 
In April, to celebrate National Poetry Month, we will feature a group of poets who meet regularly in a poetry writing group: the Albuquerque Word Weavers, with members Elaine Schwartz, Karen Bradberry, Chandra Bales, Kate Padilla, Sylvia Ramos, Lisa Jacobs, and Elizabeth Roll.
I hope to have the names for the first quarter or half year committeby the December 23 reading and to be able to announce them at that time. If you would like to be a featured poet at Fixed & Free in 2011 or beyond, please let Billy know. 

Questions, Comments, Volunteers to Help and/or to Feature: call Billy Brown at  401-8139

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