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Sept 5 & 6: William L. Fox/ Mark Owens @ THE LAND/an art site

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(If you're in the area, you might find this tempting, especially if you're interested in ecopoetics and matters concerning land and language.)

THE LAND/an art site is hosting a limited-seating, salon-style dinner and conversation with William L. Fox, director of the Nevada Museum of Art's Center for Art + Environment, on Saturday, September 5, from 6 to 9 pm at THE LAND/gallery in Albuquerque. Bill is a poet (silence and license, One Wave Standing, Reading Sand), independent scholar, lecturer, curator, and author of many books on landscape (including Driving by Memory, The Void, the Grid and the Sign, Terra Antarctica, Driving to Mars, and most recently Aereality: On the World from Above, published this year by Counterpoint).

This is a reservations-only, RSPV event, $50 per person, which includes dinner and wine. THE LAND is a nonprofit organization, so your $50 is tax-deductible.

On Sunday, September 6, beginning at 2 pm, Bill will continue the conversation at THE LAND's spectacular outdoor environmental art site near Mountainair, New Mexico. He'll be joined by Mark Owens, a poet and artist from Portland, OR, who will introduce and discuss a language-based environmental project he's been working on for THE LAND. The Sunday event is free.

There's more information about THE LAND/an art site / 
email Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested. J. A. Lee,

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"Mention micropoetry to most people, and naturally they think you?re talking about haiku. In fact, a 31-syllable tanka also fits snugly into a 140-character post on Twitter, Identica, or similar micromessaging services. But I?ve been compiling a list of other, mostly Western models that Twitter poets might derive inspiration from as well."

These include Sappho fragments, Biblical one-liners, Martial's epigrams, blues. dichos, selected Modermist poems (Pound, Williams, Machado) and more.

PS jarchas belong here too.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Twit Lit

"Brevity is the Soul of Wit"

Twitter is easy, fast, and convenient. The World Mind Network is taking further and wants to know if tweets can produce writing of lasting quality.

There are poetic forms that can be completed in fewer than 140 characters (examples on Twit Lit page): Limerick, Haiku, the Clerihew, Quintilla, the Than-Bauk, Sijo, Cinquain, and Kural.

Try your hand at creating tweets using these formats. Twit Lit is offering a prize for the best work, details & examples on web site.

Hurry up & get twittering - the deadline is Sept 1, 2009.

Email entries to Include name, phone number and email to verify sender. Entries from a Twitter feed not accepted: re-tweeting complicates authenticating authorship.

Twit Lit

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Announcing: NetPoetic digital poetry portal

Announcing NetPoetica new Electronic Literature/Digital Poetry portal, founded by Jason Nelson and Davin Heckman. 

With over 30 of our best writers, thinkers and  artists, NetPoetic is a group conversation, updated near daily with posts, news, theory, artworks and all manner of glorious E-Lit related material. 

Coming later this year: the first NetPoetic exhibition and a peer reviewed journal.  If you want to take part post a few comments and  explore the site then contact Jason Nelson.

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post picnic

A floral arrangement in which red cultivars fe...Image via Wikipedia

Mountainair's Sunflower Festival, Poets & Writers Picnic and Sunflower Writing Workshop are over for another year. I have a workshop poem for the blogging, waiting on pictures, perhaps also accompanied by featured reader poems never plogged.

Otherwise, it's back to non-picnic schedule and "editorial" policies, the latter surely a post of its own. The short version: more poetry; calendar items; poetry humor (i.e. Amazing Poet Bot) as stumbled over; publishing & submission deadlines; and the like.

from the Academy of American Poets
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Friday, August 21, 2009 Poetry for the future: Yeats' 'Secret Discipline'

The following article link has been sent to you by, along with the following message:

PWP soon passing (not without forthcoming updates), so tunc et nunquam plogging past poetry / 'poetry for the future' / digital implications. Would plogging this, eg publishing in a digital medium, make that metadigital poetics or just metadigital?

Poetry for the future: Yeats' 'Secret Discipline'

Helen Vendler, a Harvard scholar and literary critic, published a book in 2007, "Our Secret Discipline," about the formal structure of W.B. Yeats'poetry, that I read last year, and only now am getting around to writing about. Yeats, who is...

To read the rest of this article, please click link to Poetry for the Future

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More: Sunflower, Salinas & Van of Enchantment

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The Sunflower Festival starts at 10 am - time to take in a couple hours of festival at the Community Center and Town Square on in front of City Hall, treat yourself to a $2 bag 'o books at the annual Library Book Sale and stop in at the Van of Enchantment's History of Travel in New Mexico exhibit at Salinas Pueblo NPS Visitors Center (across from the train mural & on the way between Shaffer & Sunflower) before readings & music start. Torrance County Community Radio KXNM 88.7 will also be broadcasting from the Visitors Center, covering festival, poets and more.

The Van of Enchantment

Reading & Music Schedule

To help you plan your day... for a more detailed schedule.
John Bullock, guitarist
Open Mic starts with introducing Emcees: Dale Harris and Ken Gurney
Tamra Hays. poet
Gary Brower, poet, accompanied by John Bullock, guitarist
Headliner: Gary Glazner, poet

Individual featured readers
Music: NM Celtic Singers and LuLu
Individual featured readers
Open Mic

Individual featured readers, 10 min each, unless otherwise noted on schedule, in order of appearance: Tamra Hays, Gary Brower, Gary Glazner, Kate Horsley, Jim Fish, Beth McDonald, Nancy Costea, Jessica Helen Lopez, Ken Gurney, Lisa Gill, Bob Reeves, Mitch Rayes, Dale Harris

Albuquerque Word Weavers: Chandra Bales, Karin Bradberry, Merimee Moffit, Sylvia Ramos Cruz, Kate Padilla, Elaine Schwartz

NM Celtic Singers: Jenn Brooks, Michelle Buchanan, Nancy Costea, Dale Harris, Erika Kretzmann, Mary McDaniel, Cory Johnstone Meyer, Gwen Montgomery, Scott Sharot, Kathy Wimmer

LuLu: folk/ blue grass vocalists Lou Blackwell on fiddle & Greg Candela on guitar

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunflower Writing Workshop, August 22

There's still room to enroll in the 2009 Sunflower Poetry Writing Workshop!

Coming to the Poets & Writers Picnic at the Mountainair Sunflower Festival? Make it a full 3 days of poetry by signing up for the 5th Annual Sunflower Poetry Workshop held Thursday August 20 thru Saturday August 22nd at the Shaffer Hotel in Mountainair NM.

Explore poetry of place in workshop sessions, experiencing and writing at and about special places on your self-directed “poet’s tour” of Mountainair and at Gran Quivira – ancient city, pre-Columbian trading center, Pueblo community, Spanish mission, abandoned ruins.

Special guest faculty this year is Gary Mex Glazner, a favorite son, sorely missed in New Mexico as poetry instigator-in-chief. Currently living in New York City, Gary is Managing Director of the legendary Bowery Poetry Club, bringing more than 1,200 diverse performances and over 2,000 artists to the space every year.

Gary also founded and is Executive Director of the Alzheimer's Poetry Project, praised as a "best practice" by the National Endowment for the Arts. NBC’s Today Show NPR's Weekend Edition and Voice of America have featured segments on his work. Author of How to Make a Living as a Poet, Gary will share writing and performance tips with workshop participants.

Sunflower Poetry Workshop activities include plein air poetry session and at Gran Quivera, one of the Salinas Pueblo Mission Ruins, campfire storytelling at the Shaffer, and poets tours of Mountainair.

Links (online at Google Docs, login with Google or Open ID)

Fees: Workshop registration is $125 - for writing sessions only, lodging and meals not included. Local lodging information.

Contact: Workshop Director Dale Harris, email or call 505-242-4930 for more information and to enroll.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Picnic & Sunflower Schedules

Picnic Schedule: Open Mic, Featured Readers & Music, subject to change

Children's Sunflower Art Project

Sunflower Festival Program - juried art, live music, food & drink, live music, a Sunflower Hat Contest and more.

Other featured events and activities around town include the Van of Enchantment's interactive exhibit, A History of Travel in New Mexico, at the Salinas Pueblo Visitors Center, Children's Sunflower Art Project on display in storefronts throughout town, annual Community Library Book Sale (books by the bag!), Cibola Arts group show, "Flowers of Summer"

Get your daily sunflower fix and event updates at Mountainair Arts & on the Stonehouse Gallery B&B's Facebook page.

Visit the Poets & Writers Picnic page on Facebook: look at the pictures, write on our wall and click us your RSVP

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tweeted by Gary

We got tweeted by bowerypoetry (Gary Glazner): We are webcasting live at the BPC

Maybe it won't be live by the time you get this, but check it out anyway. In case it slipped your mind, the Bowery Poetry Club's Gary Glazner is our picnic special special feature and sunflower poetry writing workshop guest instructor.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Poems for Shark Week

Where the fin of the shark cuts like a black chip out of the water...
—from "Song of Myself" by Walt Whitman

Poems for Shark Week from The Academy of American Poets

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