Sunday, November 1, 2009

Poems About Onion Bagels

Gerard @ The Presurfer, one of my favorite online sources of peculiarosities, rarely does poetry. Poetic bagels seems an agreeable change of pace, welcome note of levity... if Pablo Neruda can write odes to socks, lemons and yes onions too, then why not poems about onion bagels? What body of food poetry might there be to accompany visual art, prose and film? If none or neglected, then Brillat Savarin must surely be spinning in his grave. 

Contributions anyone? I don't suppose Purple Cow or Green Eggs and Ham would count. T'is a pity that...

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Poems About Onion Bagels via The Presurfer by Gerard on 11/1/09

An onion bagel poem a day keeps the doctor away. Unless that doctor is a psychiatrist specializing in obsessive-compulsive obscure niche poetry writing, in which case the opposite is probably true. Andy tries to write one new poem about onion bagels every day for a year.

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