Sunday, November 22, 2009

Call for Participation: Reimagining the Poet-Critic

March 12-13 in Humanities 210, UCSC:  "Reimagining the Poet-Critic: Practice, Pedagogy, Poetics"

The UCSC Department of Literature invites you to participate in a discussions and investigations surrounding the role of the poet-scholar in this two-day conference at UCSC.  As a practitioner of both the arts of poetry or other "imaginative" writing and more theoretical or critical work, the poet-critic or poet-scholar inhabits a compelling space both inside and outside the university.  

We are interested in the relationships between these two activities and the ways they come together to affect the reading and writing practices of the poet-critics themselves and their readership.  As many poet-critics are read within college classrooms or are themselves professors or teachers, we are interested in the relationship between such critical/creative writing practices and their pedagogical implications.

This conference will provide an occasion for dialogue across genres, disciplines, readerships and pedagogical practices that will focus on the potential for creative and critical thinking both inside and outside the classroom that practices of the poet-critic can invigorate.

The conference will consist of six panels across March 12th and 13th.  We will have three papers for each panel and only one panel in session at a time each day.  Each panel will feature an invited respondent and three papers. The conference will also include a pedagogy colloquium and short paper workshop as well as multiple poetry readings on and off campus.

Panel topics include:
  • Historicizing the Poet as Intellectual
  • Poetics and Reading Methodologies
  • Poetic Epistemologies and Alternative forms of Scholarship
  • Writing and Thinking Between Genre
  • Poetic Conceptualisms and Poetic Productions
  • Poetry and Pedagogy

Confirmed panel respondents so far: Craig Dworkin, Sina Queyras, Juliana Spahr and Vanessa Place.

Instructions for paper submissions and pedagogy colloquium mini-papers: send 350 word abstracts to *both* organizers and by Dec 17th. Accepted papers will be notified by December 22nd and completed papers must be sent to conference organizers by Feb 15th.

Jessica Beard
UCSC Department of Literature
Doctoral Candidate
Associate-In Creative Writing

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