Monday, November 16, 2009



"Geocaching, an online game in which players use global positioning devices to track down hidden containers at coordinates posted on a Web site, is soaring in popularity"

Has anybody or group been doing with poems?  I think it would be an interesting challenge/adventure to "cache" poems in tins or boxes - either new or classic ones -  in environments that relate to the poem's contents. Say, different  Wordsworth poems at various, appropriate GPS sites through the Lake District. Frank O'Hara poems on x GPS Manhattan sites. A particular parking plot for Spicer's poem in relationship to  Robinson Jeffers. 

New poems written on and in response to particular sites. (David Chirot writes a poem at x GPS location and Milwaukee poets go on the search!)   Found texts are then scanned, and the sites are photographed with a focus on the facts relate to the poem and then transmitted back to the host site (Class, online mag or what/where ever.). 

I do wonder if anybody is doing this already????

Stephen Vincent
As active as ever, by the way!

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