Sunday, November 22, 2009

Call for Artwork/Poetry/Text Hybrid Experiments

Creative Responses : The work of Arakawa and Gins has been extremely influential for poets and artists. At the Second International
Conference in 2008, a number of distinguished poets, performance
artists, and media artists contributed to the program.

We invite new creative responses that develop, investigate, explore and inflect aspects of Arakawa and Gins' written, drawn, built and unbuilt works. We can accept creative responses in the following forms:
  • textual or graphic (which could include poetry in any form, visual works and/or image/text hybrids)
  • net-based interactive works (flash, etc.)
  • net-based video.

In addition to the web exhibit, University of New Orleans Press has committed to publish a collection of the creative responses in book form.

Proposal Website

AG3-Online will run from March 12-26, 2010.

Submit proposals by December 1, 2009, with final projects due February 1, 2010.

Proposals should be emailed to <> and should include:
  1. A 100-200 word description of the work, including how the work fits the theme. Please include links to relevant or past works.
  2. If the work is already complete, include either a url to the work or an attachment (open office, MS word, PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.). Net based video should include a link to a preview version on youtube or some other location. Do not attach files larger than 5 mb to the proposal submission.
  3. A short bio.

The Creative Responses section of AG3 is curated by Bill Lavender,
Alan Prohm, and Jason Nelson.

from Buffalo Poetics - a moderated list that I cannot recommend too highly. 

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