Monday, August 9, 2010

Local Poets Guild does Improv, 7:30p Aug14

... scheduling that is...

Verso Quatro: 7:30 pm Saturday August 14th at the Kosmos, 1715 5th Street. $5 donation helps cover space fee

It's true: LA fell into the ocean. Or, rather, the two touring poets who were supposed to visit got swallowed by the deep sea of the recession. BUT we're going forward with our first ever Local Poets' Guild event: Verso Quatro. Four fabulous local poets are coming together for poetry discussion and performance and then we'll have an open mic also.

The Heroic Burque Poets are: Michelle Otero, Carlos Contreras, Andrea Serrano, and Katrina Guarascio.  Panel moderated by Richard OyamaVQ Event hosted by Richard Vargas.

The panel will open with a short welcome from and information about the Local Poets Guild mission. 

Thanks also go out to Rich Boucher, Maggie Ross, Jered Ebenreck, and Zach Kluckman. A TON OF PEOPLE ARE COMING TOGETHER TO MAKE THIS A GREAT SUCCESS. (And the LA poets will try again in the spring.)

Don't miss this! Verso Quatro will be a quarterly event, so get in on the action early–you may be the next feature.

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