Saturday, January 31, 2009

Poetry Teachers & Writers Symposium

this just in, forwarded from Joan Logghe by Dale Harris, who notes that she went to their website, no online registration, you have to register by email at this point, contact Jane Lin <>

Hey writing friends. Here is a sweet and free day for you. Should be lovely so sign up and come be with us at UNM-Los Alamos. Info and registration below.

This year's Jim Sagel Memorial Lecture is actually a one-day symposium especially geared toward anyone who teaches poetry or poetry writing as well as students interested in poetry.

More information on the event web page:

Although the event and lunch are free, space is limited.

Flyers will be posted on campus, but feel free to print out the downloadable flyer from the web site to give to anyone who might be interested. Forward this to friends and colleagues as well. We are sending invitations to area schools from elementary to adult.

Thanks and hope you'll join us,
Jane Lin, Poetry Writing Instructor

More about Jane:
Jane Lin teaches poetry writing at UNM-Los Alamos and is at work on a first book manuscript. Born and raised in New York, she studied under Denise Levertov at Stanford University and received her MFA from NYU where she was a New York Times Fellow. Since settling in Los Alamos in 1998, Jane encourages local poets by co-organizing the monthly Poetry Gatherings at Mesa Public Library and maintaining the Nuclear Poets mailing list of local poetry events In her secret identity, she develops 3D graphics software for Darkling Simulations where she is affectionately known as the "code poet." Her poems have appeared in Five Points, Washington Square, RATTLE, Santa Fe Broadside and Harwood Anthology.

Signs and Portents

The night before her death a herd of elk
straddled the road, magnificent companions
to the winter. They grazed while the car passed on.

The hours before she took her life, a rabbit leapt
into the road under daylight, and I braked
and it leapt into the dry faded grass.

The end of that long day I drove through dusk and night,
I searched for antler crown and fur, coyote cross
and owl swoop, found no consolation.

The week's end a bull elk stood in the road after the rosary.
It represented nothing, but heaved its hulking mass
into motion, left me quickened in my braking car.

Copyright © 2001 Jane Lin, from Santa Fe Broadside, Issue #24, December, 2001

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