Thursday, January 29, 2009

Laughing Dove Poems - Tamra Hays

Brazenly snagged from Tamra Hay's blog, Hays Travelogue, which has a separate poetry section, Laughing Dove Poems. An idea for poetry writing bloggers to consider. NM poet gone expat, Tamra keeps being out of the country for Poets & Writers Picnic but we keep hoping our schedules will be in sync some future August.

Hay's Travelogue is highly recommended as stop on your virtual getaway or globe trotting staycation. Tamra explains the travelogue and its destinations. "Mike and I are teachers from Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2002, we were bitten by the travel bug and since then, we have been slowly moving eastward — Spain, Italy, and Cairo. This fall [2008], we will be living and working in Istanbul where Mike has accepted a position at Robert College."

Wordle Picture Poems

Take some of your favorite text to Wordle and create a picture poem. Here’s what happened to my manuscript of poems from Spain.


What I liked about this is that some new images jumped out:

The woman grieves like a small bell.

The clothesline carries the house.

Time–another thick night.

Fields and kitchen–two desires.

[Image attributed to]

© Tamra Hays, 2008

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