Sunday, January 18, 2009

Contemporary Italian Poetry

Overview of modern Italian poetry, article by Franco Buffoni, poet, translator, professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Cassino, distinguishes six major different directions: Post Neo-avant-garde; Neo-Orphic and/or Neo-Hermetic; Civil Poetry; Mannerisms; Heirs of the Lombard line; and Dialect Poetry.

POEMS BY Franco Buffoni


The Job of the Poet by Elisa Biagini

To paraphrase poet Paul Celan, poetry serves to shed light on inside of ourselves: to understand the world and to understand each other. I use writing in order to allow the hidden movements of things to emerge, to view the secret life found under the skin. In this light, I have chosen to observe the body, which becomes the metaphor, the lens though which to read the world, a microcosm of fascinating workings

POEMS BY Elisa Biagini

(just warming up in anticipation of a collaborative foray into poetry Italian style)

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