Friday, January 23, 2009

NM Arts Funding Alert

Yes, NM art funding is in jeopardy. Join the advocacy effort. To reduce the redundancy of cross posting, let alone the effort of drafting a separate, letters oriented appeal, click over to my write up on Mountainair Arts.

Bring your word skills to bear on the issue: explain to your legislators how important the arts are to the NM economy and how they can contribute to economic recovery.

from Americans for the Arts page on The Arts and Economic Recovery (OK, so I could not resist adding to the original write up after all - maybe I'll click them over here, a cross-cross post):
"In early January, Americans for the Arts presented its policy recommendations to the Obama-Biden Transition Office on how arts groups and artists can be supported in the economic recovery plan. The policy recommendations are available here. The focused efforts of Americans for the Arts are not only dedicated to sustaining the health of the arts field, but also on helping it gain momentum so that the arts can grow and prosper in the first half of this new century. We also hope the additional resources available here will allow arts groups to remain fiscally healthy in this time of economic uncertainty."

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