Tuesday, January 13, 2009

International Poetry event/festival/symposium

Paul White, of Poetry @ Paul's (monthly poetry readings at his home), writes about plans for an international poetry event in Santa Fe:

A few days ago I sent out an email to some poets and friends asking for input on the idea of an International Poetry event/festival/symposium. There was a positive and enthusiastic response. Jill Battson graciously offered the SW Literary Center to host a meeting where we can discuss ideas.
Now we've got a date and place for the think tank to discuss an International Poetry event/festival/symposium!

SW Literary Center writers room 826 Camino Del Monte Rey which is off St. Francis Drive. The meeting will start at 5 pm Thursday January 29th. The Center is part of Recursos de Santa Fe, an educational, non-profit organization specializing in symposiums and conferences in the arts, sciences, humanities and letters, and tours focusing on Southwest culture, architecture and history.

I've gotten lots of good ideas responding to my last email (that's the one pwp didn't get) and I'm hoping you can attend and present your ideas in person at this meeting.

Also, the next Poetry at Paul's is looking like late February or mid March.

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