Sunday, November 25, 2012

the Rag - Call for Submissions

…Elaine Schwartz issues her own Call for Submissions. Please note new email address
The Rag, an Albuquerque monthly poetry broadside which has been distributed free at coffee houses and bookstores throughout the city for over 14 years, is seeking submissions. 

Poems should be no longer than thirty lines including stanza breaks. Previously published poems OK. Email submissions to (note new email address) or send to Karin Bradberry, 11322 Campo del Sol NE, Albuquerque, NM 87123. Authors receive 2 copies of The Rag as payment for published poems. Subscriptions also available for $15/yr. Send check to Karin Bradberry at the same address.
About the Editors:
Karin Bradberry 
is an Albuquerque poet, teacher and visual artist. She has served as co-editor/publisher of The Rag since 2008. She has won numerous poetry prizes (SouthWest Writers, Writer's Digest, NMSPS, NFSPS, Prescott Writers), and been published in local and national magazines and several anthologies (Central Avenue, Writer's Digest, Sage Trail, The Rag, Harwood, Adobe Walls, Pudding Magazine, Along the Rio Grande, Fixed and Free).
 Elaine Schwartz
is co-founder of the Albuquerque Chapter of Poets Against War and co-editor of The Rag. Her poetry, best described as a tapestry of place and political imagination, has appeared in numerous publications including An Anthology of Monterey Bay Poets, Santa Fe Literary Review, Harwood Anthology, Malpais Review, Poetica and The Rag

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