Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Poetry in Each of Us

…Carlos, aka @soothxsayer writes about his #TEDxABQ

If you are reading this, thank you, first and foremost. I urge you to watch the video below. It is a "TedTalk" if you don't know what that is, all the more reason to click away. Chances are, most of you know what a TedTalk is - most if not all of you are: educators, artists, poets, writers, social justice advocates, journalists, and otherwise, ALL of you are my friends.

I appreciate you all allowing me to pester you, as I often do.

This one is NOT shameless self-promotion, I promise. If you click the talk you will see it is about: The power of poetry in systems and situations involving rehabilitation. Poetry possesses an immense power, if used correctly, we can utilize words to mend and connect populations - this talk expounds on that possibility. Please feel forward to not only click this video, but embed it, forward it, like it - or do whatever else you can in the world of the internet to spread the word, about words! Word...

Thanks, Carlos Contreras, Immastar Productions and JustWrite

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