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Thanksgiving Fixed & Free Poetry

Colorful Cornucopia, Jim Harris
…a fine & suitable Thanksgiving post and post prandial treat...always room for ear candy when there is none for the other kind. Now to hunt a suitable graphic or so. PS check out link to an interview (worth a separate post of its own) with Billy Brown, too modest to mention it here, and who now writes, 
Dear Poets and Poetry Lovers,
This is a final reminder of the Thanksgiving, November 22, 2012 Fixed & Free poetry reading, featuring two wonderful poets: Joe Bottone and Patrick Houlihan. Below is additional information about these poets.
I know, I know, its THANKSGIVING, and what about our family gathering, or what about our friends' gathering? … What about the FOOTBALL game(s)? WELL, if you are like me, you are sometimes probably a closet poet …its something YOU do, but you may not ordinarily drag your people with you when you read or listen to poetry.
BUT, what better way to share the inspiration you feel, and share the spirit of gratitude which IS Thanksgiving, as well as the poetic person you are in your heart, than with those whom you love and who love you? Please come out to hear and support Joe and Patrick … and bring someone close to you … J
Yours for Powerful Poetry, Billy Brown
Thanksgiving Fixed and Free Reading is tomorrowThursday, November 22, 2012 at 6:45-9:00 pm.  Open Mike signups begin at approximately 6:15, at The Source, 1111 Carlisle SE, Albuquerque (SW corner of Carlisle & Anderson) in The Garden Room. Hosted as ever by Billy Brown, 401-8139. 

The event is Free but Donations are gratefully accepted for pastries to help cover the $ 20 charge for the venue, and to help pay the featured poets.  Rule: 5 minute limit on the open "mike." Food/drink: there will be delicious pastries for sale – 50¢ each, baked in my new convection oven …probably something experimental with pumpkin and something chocolate! Water is available in the Source's kitchen for tea.
I will be selling copies of our  Fixed and Free Poetry Anthology 2011, at a special holiday price of $ 10 each, $ 5 off the list price. Please consider giving family and/or friends gifts of your/our poetry! This offer will remain available until January 1, 2013. Remember that all proceeds from anthology sales are used to defray Fixed and Free Poetry reading expenses. You may take advantage of this offer at the November and December Fixed and Free readings (I'll bring plenty of copies), or by arranging to pick up copies at my home. Please call me, 401-8139, to arrange your pick-up time.
and now to introduce our poets...

Joe Bottone               

I recall the feeling I had when I first heard Joe Bottone read his poetry … either at Fixed and Free or at one of my Poetry Open Houses. I was amazed, touched, inspired and overjoyed that this new (to me) voice was sharing his treasures with us. I am thrilled that his poem "And Then We're Drawn Away" appears Fixed and Free Poetry Anthology 2011and that he reads occasionally at our Fixed and Free monthly readings. He also published recently in Malpais Review and has another poetry manuscript, which I read cover-to-cover without putting it down: Solitude in IV Parts, and which I trust you will all be able to read soon.

  Please visit Joe's web page to read a few of his poems and bio. Joe's book of poems Light as Air: the rose rescued from exile was released earlier this year by Mercury Heartlink, Stewart Warren's company. Joe sent me this following "blurb" to share with you:

Patrick Houlihan

I first encountered Patrick Houlihan when he was the instructor at CNM of the poetry writing course I took several years ago.  I was very inspired by his welcoming and encouraging teaching style … he conducted the course as a workshop, with each student submitting one poem per week, to be critiqued by other students. 

Patrick's poems, have recently appeared in Malpais Review and Adobe Walls, and he wrote a wonderful "blurb" for our Fixed and Free Poetry Anthology 2011.  He was also a recent featured reader at the monthly Adobe Walls reading at Page One.

Upcoming Fixed & Free Featured Poets:

  • December 27, 2012  ~ OUTSpoken Poets, curated by Patricia Gillikin and Erin Northern
  • 2013 Fixed & Free Featured Poets include John Ashbaugh, Hakim Bellamy, Rich Boucher, Dee Cohen, Deborah Coy, Jon Davis, Mary Dezember, Damien Flores, Gayle Lauradunn, Gina & Miranda Marselle, Valerie Martinez, Gary Moody, Bill Nevins, Lauren Schwartz, Sal Treppiedi, Lawrence Welsh, Richard Wolfson, Albuquerque Youth Poetry Slam Team


Billy Brown
If you would like to be a (double-) featured poet at Fixed & Free, please let Billy know.  

Questions, Comments, Volunteers to Help: call Billy Brown at 401-8139

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