Monday, November 12, 2012

#NMpoetry at last 2012 East of Edith

…so late posting this that is now much shorter than Lisa's original. I just looked at the clock and realized I'd better hop to. Posting to announce an event, whenever possible should be before the event 

before Sor
Hi Everyone, 
Wanted to give you the Local Poets Guild run down. We only have [tonight's] event in the space before we close the venue to try to do some work and try to procure heat. 

7:00pm Monday November 12th 
East of Edith is gonna celebrate Sor Juana's birthday at the Projects (3614 High Street NE) with some extended readings of her work, plus the regular open mic and a feature by Levi Romero. This event will also be a fundraiser to help support the hero of this poetry space (and person who has offered years of literary service), Mitch Rayes.

PS Sor Juana's "A su retrato" ...a single sentence

Este, que ves, engaño colorido,

que del arte ostentando los primores,

con falsos silogismos de colores

es cauteloso engaño del sentido:

éste, en quien la lisonja ha pretendido

excusar de los años los horrores,

y venciendo del tiempo los rigores,
triunfar de la vejez y del olvido,

es un vano artificio del cuidado,

es una flor al viento delicada,

es un resguardo inútil para el hado:

es una necia diligencia errada,

es un afán caduco y, bien mirado,

es cadáver, es polvo, es sombra, es nada.
Thanks again for another beautiful season. Hope you can join us for our final open mics and outreach events... and I'll be running some smaller reading groups in the projects secret living room December and January--plus scrounging about to see if I can finagle heat for open mics by 2013 also. And we'll be doing some happy celebrations and giveaways courtesy La Alameda late November (daytime weekend) also. And you can keep catching Don McIver's programming as he continues our work with Church of Beethoven/Chatter. More when I know more.

Happy Winter, Happy Words,

Lisa Gill, Poet and Author
Local Poets Guild Founder/Executive Director 
PO BOX 27686 *note changed address* Albuquerque, NM 87125 382-0704

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