Sunday, July 1, 2012

Poetry, Prose, & Art on the Streets as Modern Broadsides

NOW Broadsiding July, on the streets (and elsewhere IRL) as well as virtually. Broadsiding poets with poetry may not make much sense ~ too coals to Newcastle ~ unless you take it as an invitation to broadside (not unlike what is called "poetry bombing" in the UK). Some months I forget altogether; others, I broadside P&W Picnic's Facebook page by using the Broadside as a cover picture. This month I have something else in mind. Most often I prefer posting elsewhere, reaching those less likely to be habitual and repeat poetry reader. Always virtual ~ blogs, Facebook profile and other pages, RT's, thumbnail + link on signature lines ... considering how to broadside comments and stay on topic. Selecting a poem that is also an appropriate response would be interested; pairing with apropos artwork, a challenge.


Writing by George David Clark
Art by Meghan Keane
Broadsided July 1, 2012

Download the Broadsided file
to print & post (584kb PDF)

Broadsided: Poetry, Prose, & Art on the Streets as Modern Broadsides

Broadsided also broadsides itself virtually on Twitter and the Broadsided Facebook page. You also are always welcome to select past items from the gallery to re-broadside. 

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