Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Syntax as Music: on Zukofsky

All credit to Penn Sound, that marvelous poetry website and online archive that hosts free and downloadable recordings of poets reading their own work. An ultimate sound wallow. I'm just the messenger. Want more? Subscribe to PennSound Daily on your fave feed reader. It's on YouTube, iTunes, Twitter and Facebook, plus regular updates at the Poetics list. 

Here's another recently-added recording from the archives of David Levi Strauss that very nicely complements the newly-segmented Louis Zukofsky reading that we highlighted in last Friday's PennSound Daily.

Recorded on April 22, 1988 at SPD, "Syntax as Music," is a nearly two-hour-long presentation on Zukofsky's life and work featuring Levi Strauss, Ronald Johnson and Michael Palmer, who read from the poet's collected writings, share their own appraisals of his work — in the process providing a broad contextualization of contemporary critical responses to it as well — before engaging their audience in a Q&A session. This fascinating document now joins the other recordings of critical symposia and discussions of Zukofsky's work catalogued in Friday's entry.

"Syntax as Music": Johnson, Levi Strauss and Palmer on Zukofsky

Now back to Coursera's massive open online Science Fiction and Fantasy course, and getting acquainted with at least some of my many classmates from around the world, ages 17 to 70. Come September, it's modern poetry with (speaking of Penn Sound) Al Filreis. Intrigued? I'll blog more about it all separately. Fwiw ~ not too late to join either class. More than a few writers in the SF class too.

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