Friday, July 6, 2012

Literary Review Newsletter, UK

Reviewing the Review. Tomorrow is Jubilee here in Mountainair, with updates and announcements to post before crashing because, drenched yesterday, today I am creaky and congested (must have rusted in the night). That means today's poetry lit writing blogging is going for worthy but (to appropriate an overused marketing term) low hanging fruit. Time and attention span permitting, I'll check events to post reminders on Facebook. 

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Robert Macfarlane on Edward Thomas
'Why is Thomas coming back to us now? Partly, I think, it has to do with the relevance of his relationship to place. He experienced that tension between roaming and homing even as it was first forming, and it lay at the source of both his notorious melancholy and his art.'
At last, four volumes and several thousand pages into Robert A Caro's life of Lyndon Johnson, the man mocked by JFK as 'Rufus Cornpone' becomes President. Michael Burleigh is riveted.
Artists of the Floating World

Lesley Downer admires the riches of Japanese art from the Edo period (1603–1868), which later proved so inspiring to artists such as Van Gogh and Monet.
 Prime Scribbler
At the outbreak of war, Winston Churchill snatched time off from the Admiralty to avoid missing a publication deadline. Paul Addison examines Churchill's role as a writer and journalist.
Possum Agonistes
'If there is one thing more depressing than reading other people's old letters it is reading one's own,' noted T S Eliot. Contrary to his reservations, the latest volume of the poet's letters is an edifying read, writes David Collard.
A Well-Rounded Account
Charlotte Faircloth is fascinated by a witty and eminently readable history of breasts.
Bodies of Evidence
Tim Hilton reveals the secret erotic sketches of J M W Turner, which Ruskin allegedly tried to burn.
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