Thursday, December 1, 2011

Norway on Poetry International Web, December 2011

PIW 1 December 2011

In our latest issue of Poetry International Web, we are delighted to launch a Norwegian domain under the editorship of Liesbeth Huijer, who has chosen three poets whose work gives a taste of the excellent poetry being written in Norway at the moment: Rune Christiansen, Cecilie Løveid and Ingrid Storholmen. We also present German poet Barbara Köhler, whose experimental writing probes the limits and possibilities of language in expressing human experience.

For the editorial, articles, poems and translations, see:

Archive Tour

'PHOTOS FROM NORWAY'Poems from the PIW archive that touch on Norway, from its fjords to its knitwear, its language to its landscape. Selected by PIW Norway editor Liesbeth Huijer.

Clip of the Month: ROSE IØyvind Rimbereid (Norway)

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