Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adobe Walls deadline reminder

A timely Adobe Walls submissions reminder, plus guidelines. Does anyone else have deadline reminders to post? Other 2011 poetry house keeping ~ calls, due dates, reminders, announcements, events, workshops, launches, new blogs, open mics, even shameless self-promotion? Post them as comments here or on Picnic's Facebook wall. Send them on by email. Suggestions for both 2012 Virtual Picnic and poetry / writing resolutions are also invited.


Kenneth Gurney writes...


A simple reminder that the deadline for Adobe Walls submissions is that last instant of 31 December, which is Saturday just before it becomes Sunday.  As long as your submission is time stamped on or before that last moment of 2011, your work will be considered.

If you have sent in work, but have not heard back from me, the submission may have been lost in the emailing.  Several Taos and vicinity people and I have discovered that their submissions did not make it to me on the first attempt and they had to submit a second time.  I do not know how or why the internet sometimes loses email.  I only know it does.

Happy season of sun's return festivals....

Kenneth P. Gurney, editor
Adobe Walls

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