Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ImmaStar call for submissions

Carlos (aka @soothxsayer) writes, "Send me some love, Send me your #NMPoetry" and blogs:

on ImmaStar Productions

Send me some love, Send me your #Poetry, call for submissions by ImmaStar Productions

I am super stoked to be having such a large amount of site traffic lately.  I am attributing this, not to myself, but of course to those that have joined me in the courageous act of posting their poetry on this site.  If you are a contributing writer via: Escritores de Esperanza, a "staff writer," or someone who sent in an online submission, please continue to do so!  
Together, we can build a community of writers, where folks feel comfortable being open, honest, vulnerable, and exposed.  If you would like to submit poetry to Immastar, please look for my (Carlos C's) email, in the Bio(s) section, and send it on over.
We are moving into the holidays and I expect that folks will get busy, however sometimes we need to slow down, reflect and appreciate.  Sometimes we need to make time to thank, remember, forget, or enlighten... So, take that time and spend it here with us.  
If you have friends, family, or students who write poetry, please feel free to submit!  Immastar is a free speech, equal opportunity kind of blog for poets - very rarely will I ever not post someone's writing.  The rare instance of not being posted would have to include writing that I feel is harmful to the poet or the audience - hate speech... Otherwise, all is fair game!  Gimme whatchu got yall!  This is about to get real fun!

So send him some.... 'tis the season, giving, sharing and all that. If you haven't been following his blog, poetry, projects and such, give yourself the gift of doing so.

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