Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dec3 Los Lunas Authors Day

Shirley Blackwell and Debbi Miller Gutierrez will both appear, along with other local authors, at the first ever Los Lunas Authors' Day (sponsored by the Valencia County Historical Society), Sunday December 4, 2-4 pm, to talk about their craft and sell and sign books. 
Shirley Blackwell, poet & NMSPS President

Shirley will be presenting her new book of 100 poems, Already There, and Debbi will lave three of her picture books, The Pinecone Problem, Why Baby Sister Woke Up From Her Nap,  and Horse's Horrible Halloween on hand, as well as her new middle grade reader chapter book Cactus Factory.  Of course, all these books are available on, but it's so much more fun to have the author sign them in person,

The event will be at the Los Lunas Transportation Center (also known as the Los Lunas Rail Runner Station) at  Highway 314 & Court House Road in Los Lunas. Follow link above for directions. Read more about Local Writers Speak about their Books at First Authors' Day in Valencia County News-Bulletin. Also, NMSPS member Mary Fogarty will also be there, presenting her poetry collections. If you know anyone else who would be interested, please share this information,

PS Virtual Picnic (that's us) would also like to draw your attention to the NM State Poetry Society's outstanding calendar. Read the Fall 2011 NMSPS Newsletter online

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