Friday, April 9, 2010

Slam Hosting Seminar

Interested in learning the intricacies of hosting and a poetry slam?

ABQSlams is hosting a hosting seminar NEXT MONDAY, April 12 at 7pm at Chroma Art Center, 600 First St. NW. On the panel will be ABQ Slam Poet Laureate DANNY SOLIS, former ABQ Youth Champion Jasmine "Jazz" Cuffee, two-time ABQ Slam Team Member CHRISTIAN DRAKE and ABQ Slammaster KENN RODRIGUEZ

The 90-minute seminar will include presentations from each presenter and a question and answer period.

The seminar is FREE.

For more information, contact Kenn Rodriguez at 505-379-2666 or 
kenn@abqslams. org.

NEXT MONDAY, April 12, 7 pm
CHROMA ART CENTER, 600 First St. NW (1 block south of Lomas)

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