Friday, April 30, 2010


Mountainair in the windy season: it's all about dust. ¿Verdad? 

NM Dust from space: winds blow sand from White Sands National Monument across the southern part of the state. NASA's Aqua spacecraft imaged the event as it passed overhead, MODIS Land Rapid Response Team, NASA GSFC


Allegoric dust 
oric dust 
gasps gen 
eric in 
cense dust 
an in 
fractal swell

ornate ~

it instruments 
in em 
pire sucks 
soft as wan 
ton sleep 
or ever 
orphic me

tre allegoric 
dust's iambic 
rust stays 
some cop 
per swag 
then comes 
in skin

in mote 
to sky 
radi ative 
for cing. 
how ever 
dra ped 
it acts

on thou 
ghts co 
heres or 
co lours 
them with 
its o 
wn film

A thou 
sand swifts 
and de 
com po 
sing fro 
th ele 
ments or 
thou ghts 
ea ch 
con tained 

with in 
a prin 
ciple soft 
of fray 
or bun 
dles must 
y lim 
tic dust 
it stums 
mist in 
air blenches 
at drifts 
it stims 
bliss dust

clenches at 
studs shifts 
kids me 
sses with 
ids fou 
l I fou 
nd dust 
I rum

maged in 
its vivid 
bin par 
sing dust 
my dry 
troth is 
your thr 
oat. po

em dust 
For dust (min 
ute) enum 
erates: dry fles 
che suck'd 
dry dust 
soaks lu 
shes spate

sof tens 
nets sips 
flesh wrecks 
gleam furs 
edge im 
potent dust 
takes mag

nates out 
in puffs 
air met 
a llic 
in err 
ant morn 
ing dust co

llects in ten 
ants late 
dust shreds 
sloughs blunt 
with thin 
lift. grist 
dust lists 
dust I

am thinking dust. If ever any beauty I desired and got I would give them dust— Its radiative lust, its skills and wit. I would give them Drunk dust, Grope dust, Steaming hung dust, Stained bellowing dust, Beloved mathematic dust, Reeling flushed dust, Civic gesture dust, Glistening Larkspur dust, Infectious dust, Oil of dust, Yellow dust, Stabbing queasy dust, Flushed Castrati dust, Left Cup dust. Herbaceous Squint dust, Cuff dust Pelvic dust, Inky Strophe dust Home at seven Dust, Nuclear dust, Salvage dust, Pleasing savored dust, Nations nursed dust, Coined and coitus dust. by Christine Stewart


from dust is forthcoming in Blench (The Gig Press) as well as a version in Dusie 10. It has shifted some and will continue to do so (as dust does). Poet Christine Stewart is from Vancouver and currently writes, teaches and researches poetry and poetics in the English and Film Department at the University of Alberta.

From the Globe and Mail (Canada), "In other words" blog post for National Poetry Month

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