Sunday, April 11, 2010

National Poetry Month for foodistas

a Food Haiku Contest, via the Foodista blog

April is National Poetry Month. In this spirit, we're launching the Foodista Food Haiku Contest.

All month long, we're looking for your best food-related haikus via Twitter or posted to our Facebook wall– if you're tweeting, simply include @Foodista at the end of your tweets so we can acknowledge your masterpieces (this does not count towards your haiku's syllable limit).

In case you need a high school English refresher, Haiku is a three-line poem with 5 syllables on the first line, 7 on the second, and 5 again on the third. Because of this lingual limitation, haiku is one of the most Twitter-friendly forms of poetry– try squeezing a Shakespearean sonnet into 140 characters.

Your food haikus can convey the humor of eating something that isn't what you thought it was, the sweetness of a memory of your grandmother baking pie, the sadness of finishing the last delicious morsel of your favorite dish – any emotion you wish to express. The only requirements are that it be a legitimate haiku (no 5-7-6, people) and about food.

We'll pick our favorite composition at the end of the month (4/30), and send that culinary Matsuo Bashō a Foodista apron and a copy of Dessert Haiku: Petite Desserts for the Sweet Tooth & Poetry for the Soul.

In case you need some inspiration, here's our graphic designer Karlyn's first attempt:

Lo! A crimson grape
I bite into its smooth flesh
Yuck, it's an olive 

And if you want to really learn how it's done, Miss Yu of Tops in Toronto combines haiku and photography for a lush visual experience– brilliant.

image by sleepyneko

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