Friday, June 15, 2012

Reminder: Tomorrow is Bloomsday

What if anything are you doing for Bloomsday? It's a big day in Dublin. BBC Radio is doing a whole day of Ulysses. In  the US and at events around the world, Joyceans imbibe, declaim and celebrate in pubs and campuses across the country. Special this year too ~ expired copyright, at last, readable on Gutenberg

There are festivities in cyberspace: dedicated sites and even Ulysses in Tweet Town. Mountainair NM has neither pubs nor campuses, just Art on the Range, an unlikely, truly zeugmatic, pair to yoke. Challenging. Imagine Joyce as Cowboy Poet,

For lovers of Irish literature, and the work of James Joyce in particular, June 16 is a special day. Bloomsday is a celebration of the life of the Irish author on the day in which the events of his novel Ulysses (which stars Leopold Bloom, hence the name) is set. To commemorate the thirtieth annual observance, we present Adam Harvey's performance of pages 193 to 195 of Finnegans WakeVideo URL.

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