Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Poet/playwright Michael Ford visits Albuquerque

June13 & 14: two events in two days, hosted, respectively, at Jules Nyquist's Poetry Playhouse and Merimee Moffit's (2 Thursdays a month) Poetry Salon, two new (to me) poetry venues that I'd made note of but hadn't gotten around to covering yet. Tonight, June 13: Michael C Ford at Poetry Playhouse; tomorrow, June 14 at Poetry Salon.  (image from Facebook »)

Updates can fly right past me, soon lost in the crowd on cyberspace platforms, in networks, not enough detail stuck in memory to search. Two notices two such venues about the same visiting writer on consecutive days (announcements and appearances) constitute a powerful reminder and double twofer. Neither time not space permit expanding at length, perhaps later. Names and links should suffice to get you started.

Tonight: A-I-R C-O-N-D-I-T-I-O-N-E-D comfort and a special treat at POETRY PLAYHOUSE - a tiny 5 minute play by visiting playwright Michael C Ford, "The Monologue Between Caryl Chessman and Jayne Mansfield."
WEDNESDAY JUNE 13TH - 7 PM - PLAY STARTS AT 7:30 PM SHARP! ... FREE - FREE POPCORN... Visiting Los Angeles poet/playwright Michael C. Ford will introduce and discuss his 5 minute play: "The Monologue between Caryl Chessman and Jayne Mansfield." Performed live at the Poetry Playhouse, Albuquerque. Caryl Chessman (read by Rich Boucher) was the last American to be executed for kidnapping under the Lindberg law. Jayne Mansfield (read by Jules Nyquist) is an unparalleled, iconic feline goddess.   
7 pm - social time/free popcorn and snacks. 7:30 pm SHARP - play begins followed by conversation with playwright Michael C. Ford and Q&A session. Held at JULES' POETRY PLAYHOUSE, just north of downtown Albuquerque 1715 5th St N, Albuquerque, NM 87102. Enter through the YELLOW DOOR.
Tomorrow 6:30 - 9pm (much shorter but that depends on what lands in my mailbox or rss reader), Thursday June 14, is Merimee Moffit's Poetry Salon, meeting 2nd and 4th Thursdays, group on Facebook. (image from March 2012 interview in Matrifocal Point):

Those not going to Smokehouse, please consider an evening with Michael C. Ford at my Poetry Salon at Merimee's. 6:30 - 9pm Thursday June 14 and every second Thursday until further notice. Also RSVP also for directions.

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