Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Belated for Hakim the Be-laureled

Late but in my defense, but didn't we all have a hunch the new laureate would be Hakim-Be? If not, then who has not heard so needs it announced another time? Besides, it's not as though there has not ample coverage before and after. This man is not invisible.

My own first encounter of a Be-kind was writing his  Poets & Writers Picnic Featured Reader introduction. Meeting him at the Picnic, he thanked me for "bridging page and stage" ~  immediately consigned to the favorite compliments collection and still cherished.

And selected links and comments  (far from comprehensive) to show not just respect but also give a sense of  both what Hakim brings to his latest role, Poet Laureate and a hint of what we can expect him to make of it.
  • Poet Laureate Hakim, Local iQ profile ( He "wants to stimulate a discussion and raise the profile of poetry in Albuquerque. That’s his primary goal"), March 17, 2012, and in his own write
  • Versatile performer: slam poet, spoken word, hip hop artist, actor, musician (and no telling what else...)
  • Collaborative work in including Watch your (Mestizo) Mouth and Urban Verbs (early article and current web page)
  • Regular accolades and profiles in Local iQ, Weekly Alibi, DukeCityFix, Creative Albuquerque, abqARTS, etc. (too many to link all ~ get thee to search engine & see for yourself)
  • While searching, check out the videos on YouTube too
  • Abiding commitment to social justice and activism as community organizer and journalist informs his poetry and creative projects ~ art for activism, as an activist dramatist/film maker friend calls it. 
  • Ideas, as speaker at TEDxABQ
  • March 12, 2012, interview with NAMAC on media literacy and the Media Literacy Project, that also tells us about Hakim's many interests and projects.
Best is Hakim on the Children's Hour, 9:12 am, Saturday April 21 (first post-inaugural official appearance?) reading his poem Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Albuquerque has a Poet Laureate who does not just talk about poetry and read poems  out loud that he has written for special occasions but who also talks to children, asks riddles and sings along with them. Check it out: go to the KUNME Archives and set for 9:00am Apr21. Don't delay: broadcast archives are only up for two weeks.

“I want to challenge notions about what poetry is and what a poet is,” Bellamy says. “Being the populist I am, I want more people in the game.” If that is not a an invitation and a challenge for all of us to step out of the audience and come along, join the game, what would be?

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