Friday, October 21, 2011

Sunday Poetry: CoB Oct23 & Duende Oct30


Via Billy Brown (and Elaine Schwartz), Billy writes...

Friends, I am forwarding this as requested by Gary Brower, one of the Duende organizers. The featured poet, Howard McCord, is a major American poet. Please see the embedded flyer for details. This event looks so good, maybe I'll skip my Madrigal Singers rehearsal to attend!

Howard McCord

Embedding the flyer is an experiment. My primary blogging platform does not accept documents. The alternate platform does and, furthermore, will post to the other platform. The experiment is to post Billy's message, document and all, to the alternate with reposting command coded into "To:" line. My apologies if all this sounds unnecessarily convoluted. If it works, then I have a major blogging time saver. If not, the Duende flyer will arrive in a separate post.

BTW, Gary will also be reading at this Sunday's Church of Beethoven (COB), 10:30-11:30.

Gary's reading is part of an October-long set of features at COB: "Double Tongue: Theme and Variation," with the following simple premise: Poets respond with words to music. Gary will be responding to the piece, "John's Book of Alleged Dances," by John Adams.

Gary's ten short poems have the same titles Adams gave to his movements: Judah to Ocean, Toot Nipple, Dogjam, Pavane: She's so Fine, Rag the Bone, Habanera, Stubble Crochet, Hammer & Chisel, Standchen: The Little Serenade.

COB Co-Artistic Director James Shields describes Pulitzer Prize winning composer John Adams as "sort of the new Dean of American Music (Copeland being maybe the first dean).  "John's Book of Alleged Dances" is like a set of musical haikus, ranging in character from whimsey to scathing sarcasm to intense sweetness and lyricism. Each movement is a short exploration of a single musical character ... from the funky to the sublime."

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  1. OK so it doesn't embed... but at least attaches, so it's still a time saver and not just here. I get a lot of flyer attachments.


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