Saturday, October 1, 2011

Incongruous Quarterly: Call for Submissions

The Incongruous Quarterly is seeking submissions of unpublishable poetry, fiction and art for our fourth issue. The deadline for submissions is November 13th, 2011.

Poems, fiction and art can be considered “unpublishable” for reasons like content, length, form and subject matter. But what about work that cannot be published in a print magazine? Where does it fit, and how?

We are seeking literary and artistic work that takes into account, and advantage of, the fact that we are an online publication rather than a printed one.

We’re interested in figuring out what we can offer our contributors and readers that a print publication might not be able to. We are not bound by concerns of page or word count; we can feature audio and video files, hyperlinks, any kind of image, downloadable files, interactive or collaborative works, as well as our usual, more basic format of simple text or image on a page. We love work that explores, exploits or messes with different media and the boundaries between them is awesome; work that doesn’t do any of that stuff (more “traditional” stories and poems) but is concerned with the same ideas or themes we’re interested in (innovation, communication, connection, alienation, etc.) is great too.

Above all, we are looking to learn things. Surprise us. Challenge us. Show us something new.

Love, IQ #4 – Call for Submissions

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