Monday, October 24, 2011

Reminder - Oct27 Fixed & Free Poetry, features Merimeé Moffitt

Billy Brown reminds area poets and poetry lovers,

... of the October 2011 Fixed and Free poetry reading, Thursday, October 27, 6:45-9 pm, at The Source, 1111 Carlisle SE with featured poet Merimeé Moffitt.

ALL donations gathered at this special Fixed and Free reading will be donated to the new Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program (APLP) which is planning to name Albuquerque's first Poet Laureate on April 1, 2012! So, please bring some extra money and give generously

Stewart Warren, one of the APL planning committee members, will begin the reading with a short introduction to the APLP as well as answer any questions you may have.

This is NOT a double feature, though we shall have an early start time of 6:45 pm, as previous publicity indicated.

Merimeé Moffitt is a very active Albuquerque poet, with activities ranging from: teaching outstanding poets at CNM (Jessica Helen Lopez and Zach Kluckman); hosting many poetry events at her lovely Nob Hill home; co-editing the monthly poetry broadsheet The Rag; being present at the early organizing meeting for Fixed and Free, and writing lots of very creative poems focused upon family, feminism, peace-and-justice.

Please come out and hear a marvelous, energetic, committed poet! I know that you will be delighted by her poetry, and while you are at it, we all would love to hear you read some of your own poems and/or poems by favorite poets.  Also, please invite friends who love poetry.

Yours for Powerful Poetry,
Billy Brown, 401-8139
  • LAST MONTH: Thanks to Shirley Balance Blackwell for a delightful reading from her new book!
  • What a creative way to select which poems to read: she asked audience members to call out page numbers!
  • NEXT MONTH (November 24, 2011): Priscilla Baca y Candelaria  will be our special featured poet. We are all looking forward to Priscilla's marvelous poetry!
  • 2011 FIXED AND FREE – REMAINING LINEUP: (Suggested themes are NOT requirements, either of featured or open mic poets.), December 22, 2011,  Rich Boucher and his guest – Celebrating Peace and Light

If you would like to be a featured poet at Fixed & Free in the future, please let Billy know.

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