Saturday, October 9, 2010

poetry downloads

... free printable e-books, as posted on U Buffalo's Poetics List, which, in addition to smart, interesting, not infrequently arcane discussions of poets, poetry and poetry. Initially I thought to include poetry e-zines and poetry publishing blogs but decided to save those for another post ~ calls for submissions yet another. If you tire of waiting for them to appear, you can always subscribe to Poetics on your own.

Poetics 2, mobile by Alexander Calder, 1898-1976

Little Red Leaves: 5 new titles from LRL e-editions by Sarah Campbell, Brian Mornar, Gloria Frym, Mathew Timmons, and Eléna Rivera. As always, titles are available as FREE downloads or in paperback through Lulu
  • minimalist Sarah Campbell's Everything We Could Ask For
  • Brian Mornar's Three American Letters, part poetics, part physical manifesto and essa
  • Gloria Frym's Any Time Soonfrom the reality that "there is no post war" or external context from which to view our current saturation. Language occurs in the thick of it. 
  • Mathew Timmons' Sound Noise: pries apart how we receive and process sensory information, the subtle difference between Sound and Noise
  • Eléna Rivera' Remembrance of Things Plasticcharts a path between cultural displacement and the hyper-pull of consumer images. 
  • Full catalog of free books, including work by Tina Darragh & Marcella Durand, Divya Victor, Norma Cole, Susan Gevirtz, Ted Greenwald, Yedda Morrison, and Harold Abramowitz 
  • Official launch of Little Red Leaves Issue 5, biggest issue yet with over 30 new poets, extended project features from Carmen Giménez Smith and Robin Tremblay-McGaw, an interview with Brenda Ilijima by Thomas Fink, a gorgeous selection from the Paros Translation Symposium as well as 5 new e-editions above
IMPROVISATIONS by Vernon Frazer now on Scribd

Chalk Editions on ScribdEditors: Peter Ganick and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen: 
"usually poetry attempts to conquer time and insert an immortality-factor to its texts – this possibility has reverted against itself recently – the physical book is a dinosaur – we, at chalk editions, don't like this event, however, it is the reality of a now, almost into the second decade of the 21st decade – hardcopy books are expensive to produce and purchase, soon, hardcopy books will be the present tense for either the rich elite, or collectors – digital paper and ink are i..."

New 20th anniversary edition of The Plagiarist Codexinformation hieroglyphs, colorized, on Scribd. Also available online as a slide show.

Open Culture: e-books, audio books, the Tate's ekphrasis collection (Art Inspired Poetry), mobile apps (i.e. City Poems) for poetry on the go, video clips, and more

Gutenberg Projectthe first producer of free ebooks. Poetry (Bookshelf)

Editor's Note: Please note potential of Scribd for self-publishing print on demand. Pdf documents on Google docs whether e-mailed or linked online are another. A possible future topic. Do you have links to poetry e-books, online journals, ezines or blogs to share? Please send 

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