Saturday, October 9, 2010

new spoken-word literary journal

Raft ~ text + audio files (even for the book reviews), is now online,

Issue 1 features new work from:

  Scott Abels
      Niamh Bagnell
         Susan Powers Bourne
            Ric Carfagna
         Jan Carson
      Joel Chace
  Arkava Das
      Mark DuCharme
          Iris Jamahl Dunkle
              Bonnie Emerick
          Michael Farrell
      Adam Fieled
  Thomas Fink
      Vernon Frazer
          R. Jess Lavolette
              David Mohan
          Debrah Morkun
      Paul Nelson
  Francis Raven
      Chad Scheel
          Sam Schild
              Brian Seabolt
          Adam Strauss
      Mark Stricker
  Samuel Day Wharton
      Karena Youtz

Raft is currently accepting new work for Issue 2 (deadline: December 16, 2010). Brian Seabolt, Raft Magazine

While he read Moll held a little aloof, with downcast eyes, saying to herself, Now he's at the part where, and a little later, Now he's at the part where, and so remained until the rustle of the sheet going back into the envelope announced that he had finished
. from Samuel Beckett, Malone Dies

Reposted from U Buffalo's Poetics List

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