Monday, June 7, 2010

The Relenting Book Party Friday 11, 516 ARTS

From past Picnic featured reader Lisa Gill via Dale Harris....

Dearest Friends,
I wanted to invite you to the celebration for my new book this coming Friday June 11th at 516 ARTS on Central. The Relenting (New Rivers Press), which you can consider either a long poem for two voices or a play, is based on finding a rattlesnake in my living room last September---only now the snake speaks back and is embodied by Kevin Elder of Tricklock. (I've been sewing leg rattles out of pistachio shells for him, much fun!) 

  • 7:30 PM Doors open so you can take in the Artificial Selection Exhibition and enjoy some snacks and also a special mix of cross-genre "Snake Songs" compiled by DJ Mitch Rayes

  • 8pm Showtime: we have a staged reading of the Relenting where Kevin and I will perform together and which will last about an hour... 
  • 9pm music by th3 e1emental orke5tra, one of my favorite bands, led by Mike Balistreri on bass, also with Mark Weaver on tuba and Shawn Woodyard on percussion, flute, sax, etc. 
Suggested donation, $5 or book purchase.

It'll be a lovely night and I'd love for you to come out and help me celebrate a book that marked a really pivotal life-experience--I believe the rattlesnake encounter helped reset my nervous system :) and alleviate old trauma stuff. I even have some science to back up my theory... though the end result is simple: more joy!

Have a great week and I'd love to see you Friday. Meanwhile, check out this book cover below! I asked Travis Farnsworth to paint a rendering of the Minoan Snake Goddess and he did a great job and then JB Bryan of La Alameda Press designed the book beautifully!


Link and more details at

516 WORDS: The Relenting - Reading and Book Release Party

Happy summer to you! And art, writing, music, film, the whole creative shebang!

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