Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Poetry at Paul's

On July 10, 2010 Rosé will recite FUTURE EVOLUTON, canto 7 of his 30 year ongoing epic poem 


4 pm potluck, 5:30 pm reading will begin
30 minute open mic to follow, directions below.

Dear Poetry enthusiasts,
I just set up a meetup poetry and prose website. I encourage you to become a member of the Meetup Poetry and Prose Group.  I'll be listing events on that website instead of my regular emailings so bookmark the website if you want to keep informed.  If you'd like to post an event, or workshop that is Poetry oriented please contact me and I'll post it on the meetup site.

More info and to become a member of the group;



I was born
And then I died
And in between
I always tried

I lived for love
And loved to live
I gave whatever
I had to give

I took a wife
Who cut me loose
Said I was 
A silly goose

I tried again
And found a wife
Who's the darling 
Of my life

I rode away
To join the war
But couldn't stand
The things I saw

I went to schools
And learned in books
All are crooks

Had a daughter
Then one more
O Lord, I wish
That we had four

I traveled here
And all around
On weary roads
On dusty ground

I dove right through
The ocean blue
And found a world
That was brand new

To everyone
I met I spoke
And listened well
To certain folk

I searched each eye
And every mind
And still I search 
And still I find

And still I write
My poem of life
Of laughter, joy
Of struggle, strife

And still I live
Upon a ledge
Relaxing on
The knife's sharp edge

I was born
And then I died
And in between
I always tried.

Directions to Paul's from Santa Fe:
  • Take Highway 285 North.  Get off at the first Tesuque exit #168 which says "Tesuque North CR73." Go (about 2 1/2 miles) through Tesuque past the Tesuque Village Market, El Nido and the Post Office.
  • Then turn right on Route 592 and go 3 1/2 miles to the stop sign at the top of the hill. 
  • Turn left at the stop sign (this is still Route 592) and go down 1 mile into the Chupadero valley.
  • At the green street sign turn left on Camino Chupadero (CR78). Go another .9 (nine tenths) of  a mile.  On the left you'll see an old plank wood fence (not a coyote fence), then four white mailboxes at end of fence marked 92 ABC. 
  • Slow down, the driveway is hidden.
  • Go left immediately after the mailboxes, down the paved driveway. 
  • At the bottom, take a sharp right onto the dirt driveway.  You have arrived!    
Phone; 505-988-1082 

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