Friday, December 18, 2009

Lunarosity: Dec issue, submission guidelines

Lunarosity Vol. 8. December 2009, on-line at, includes poetry by Kyle Hemmings, Christina Hoag, William Stoneberger, Blakeslee Stevens, Sam Silva, Jack Bowman, Charles Frederickson, Merimee Moffitt, Paul Fisher, Donald Levering, Alexander Pollak, Taylor Graham, Karen Douglass, Neal Whitman, Susan Beckett, Kenneth Gurney, Alan Gann, Donal Mahoney, Howie Good, Gabrielle Bryden, Paul Handley, Harry Calhoun, Sergio Ortiz, Duane Locke, C.J. Opperthauser ~ with more poetry to come.  Fiction this issue is by Bob Tomolillo, David Kyea, John Bruce, Janet Yung.

Lunarosity is currently seeking submissions for 2010. Current submission needs for next issue: Poetry, five poems maximum, 100 line limit, shorter preferred; Fiction, Flash Fiction only, 300 word limit; no longer accepting essays. New publishing and submission policies as of December 1, 2009:

  • Editorial response time to submissions will not exceed two weeks. 
  • New work will be added weekly, with the site featuring 20-30 authors at a time. As new work is added, older work will continue to be archieved alphabetically and listed in the menu on the left sidebar on the Lunarosity web page  .
  • The online magazine will no longer publish traditional fiction or non-fiction but will continue to seek flash fiction (under 300 words), poetry (all kinds, including prose poetry, with the exception of work that is graphically difficult to present online, ie., a lot of variable spacing and indention issues).
  • Fiction may be published that is already under review, work submitted previous to December 1.
  • Once an author's work has appeared in Lunarosity, new work from that author will not be considered during the next six months. Please don't submit during this interval.
When submitting,
  • please include your last name, category (Poetry, PP=prose poetry, or FF=flash fiction, and Lunar in the subject line of your email. 
  • As before, paste your work in the body of the email rather than as an attachment. 
  • Also, include a statement verifying that all of the material you are submitting for consideration is your original material and that you own the right to submit it for publication. Without this statement, your work cannot be considered for publication. 
  • A brief author's bio should also be included. 
  • Submissions and correspondence to Editor Wayne Crawford,
Lunarosity is interested in poetry that illuminates complex issues or informs our understanding of important relationships. We value authors who generously expose their emotions and visions and spare us their wordiness. Rhythm moves us, poetic language moves us, formal rhymes likely won't. We are also interested in short, shortflash fiction but no longer consider personal essays or creative non-fiction. We like it, but we need to focus.

Lunarosity offers no pay. We seek permission to publish your work on the web, and to publish selected work as hard copy in limited editions that may be offered online or off in the future, and all other rights to work remain with the author. Authors should be aware that acceptance of your work here constitutes a form of publication, and other publishing forums may not desire to present work that has already been published. Writing featured on this site may not be copied or printed elsewhere without the consent of the author.

Wayne Crawford's MySpace includes poetry videos, including Workers Work.

PWP poets published in Lunarosity include Merimee Moffitt, Kenneth Gurney, Ann Applegarth, Hakim Bellamy, Gary Brower, Greg Candela, Tamra Hays

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