Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Call for Chapbook Library donations

From post by Carlos Contreras ( at New Mexico Poetry Slam

I am setting out to collect a library of chapbooks for my poetry students here at Gordon Bernell Charter School... for those of you that don’t know the whole story behind my school, it’s in the jail for adults in abq and also exists downtown, in other words if you donate a book it could be going behind bars to help keep someone sane!
Also, any poets willing to donate their time and expertise to present open mic style for a pod full of inmates (90) men... please email me and we can set those opportunities up.
Carlos C



Ed note: a few links to articles about the Gordon Bernell Charter School that Carlos refers to:


I don’t doubt Carlos would welcome donations of not just chapbooks but anthologies, poetry ’zines and so on. According to the website, the school also needs substitute teachers and tutors. Why not email Carlos and ask what you can do?

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