Thursday, September 3, 2009

Call for Broadside Submissions

Broadsided is looking for evocative, riveting (but not so esoteric as to be inaccessible) poetry & prose. What are Broadsides and where do they appear? They are out on the streets, online and any manner of unexpected places to be read by anyone coming across them. That said, Broadsided wants smart, difficult work that challenges and speaks strongly.

The Telephone Pole: A
Broadsided Classic

Where have Vectors posted? Lots of places. Clicking an image in this online gallery of vectorized broadsided will give you a larger version. Anyone can be a vector or Broadside distributor. I'm an online vector, posting on Mountainair Arts, tweeting and elsewhere online. Broadsiding here would be too much like carrying coals to Newcastle, wouldn't it? But wouldn't it be neat - and complete the circle - to broadside your poetry, prose or artwork?

Coffee shops are a perfect spot
to Vectorize

Switcheroo Deadline, October 5. The finished Broadsided publication will be posted November 1, 2009. Email submissions welcome at any time: check online guidelines.

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