Thursday, May 14, 2009

plog plaudits & passing them on

A round of plog applause please - we have an award - a Kreativ Blogger Award from Tamra Hays passing on her own award.

Following Tamra's steps (and those of her nominator, Elizabeth Enslin, Yips and Yowls), I now have the charge of identifying some things I love, identifying and passing the award onto other creative bloggers.

Do take the time to visit both Hays Travelogue & Tamra's just poetry page, Laughing Dove as well as Yips and Howls, subtitled "A Writer’s Reflections on Nature and Culture" and described as:
A writer, I look for inspiration and distractions in nature. An anthropologist, I ponder the places where nature and culture meet. A kitchen gardener, I promote biodiversity and learn from farming traditions around the world. A recovering academic, I try to do all with compassion and humor.
Those awarded should feel free to pass it on to others (or not) in any number you wish. The recommended process is to link to and leave comments on those blogs for how to pass on the award.

I would have picked both Hays Travelogue and Yips and Yowls but they were the pickers - re-picking pickers not only seems intellectually incestuous but also defeats what I imagine as the purpose & pass it on spirit ot the award. A Dark Feathered Art was on my list but was a Y&Y nominee.

Seven things I love: my children (no matter what); my friends; special places in my life; memories of those people and places; indulging my curiosity (thus covering books, ideas, learning, conversation as the sifting of ideas, surfing the internet and travel); making gumbo for people I care about; all that the fellowship of the horse entails - horses, ponies, riding...

Seven blogs (no brothers), 2 by friends, 1 by a family member only recently met on Facebook & 4 by strangers (in case anyone was thinking favoritism)
  • Notes from Straw Mountain- artist's journal by Jude Mowris, Mountainair, NM. Also a descriptive chronicle of her corner of central NM. Many photos. Bright colors.
  • Maison Celeste - Celeste Le Tard Williams, artist, teacher, foodie, in Georgia. More bright colors - Jude & Celeste never met but should have, except that they would probably be fighting over the same color crayons
  • Painting with Fire - serendipty: Leslie Sobel is never met except on Facebook kin, married to a cousin I have not seen in decades. Another artist (not to worry the poets are coming), she describes her blog as "musing on art, the environment, art-making and balance – or the lack therof"
  • Blog with a View - digital art & some poems (presumably not digital but many are "Google poems" collaged from search strings). Terry Wright describes blog as "a visual diary of my original digital art, fractal art, and illustrated poetry."
  • dbqp: visualizing poetics - kaleidoscopic review of visual poetry and related forms of art over the centuries, joined with the recollections of one contemporary visual poet. Topics: visual prose, comics art, illustrated books, minimalist poetry, and visually-enhanced textual poetry.
  • City of Dust - photos and descriptions of forgotten places, abandoned buildings, and their surroundings, historical information if known
  • ze's stuff - projects, stuff to read, stuff to watch, interactive toys, participation projects (frailty poem, collage maker), more stuff - otherwise indescribable, so go see for yourself
So many blogs... so little time (didn't we say that about books first?). I had to leave so many out - not to mention the ones that will occur to me as soon as I post this. More periodic strolls through the blogosphere are definitely in order.

Of possible interest - Are blogs literature?

Enjoy... share your favorites too... candidates perhaps for a just poetry blogs feature...

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  1. Thank you very much for the mention. I REALLY appreciate it. In fact, it motivated me to finally get something new up; a fresh travel post on Sarajevo. Hopefully I can continue in this vein for a bit.

    I hope all is well in NM, a state I really love. (I just applied for a job in Albuquerque. After Knoxville, I feel like I'm just following Cormac McCarthy around.) Very nice plog you have going and, for the record, I certainly think that blogs can be literature!


    John - City of Dust


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