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Audiopoetry (pō'ĭ-trē) is a digital audio poetry anthology site run by Black Mamba, with poems sent in by Falstaff, Veena and n other contributing members.

See Black Mamba's original post about pō'ĭ-trē here.

What does pō'ĭ-trē mean?

It is just poetry read out loud.

po·et·ry (pō'ĭ-trē) pronunciation

  1. The art or work of a poet.
    1. Poems regarded as forming a division of literature.
    2. The poetic works of a given author, group, nation, or kind.
  2. A piece of literature written in meter; verse.
  3. Prose that resembles a poem in some respect, as in form or sound.
  4. The essence or characteristic quality of a poem.
  5. A quality that suggests poetry, as in grace, beauty, or harmony: the poetry of the dancer's movements.

[Middle English poetrie, from Old French, from Medieval Latin poētria, from Latin poēta, poet. See poet.] (from

Why audio poetry?

One, because we like poetry. Yeah okay, a couple of us will kill for poetry but the rest are normal beings. Two, we like listening to poetry. For some of us, poetry actually starts to make sense when we hear it recited.

Who runs pō'ĭ-trē?

pō'ĭ-trē is currently run by Black Mamba, Falstaff and Veena. All contributing members can send in recorded poetry and we will post your recording on the blog.

Why should I send in my recorded stuff?

Not only do you get to see your poetry recordings on this blog, you also get to see your name displayed on the sidebar as a contributing member. And our annual members' meet happens at our headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska every January. So what are you waiting for?

How do I make recordings?

There are a couple of different ways to do this:

1. Windows Sound Recorder. If you have a Windows PC, this should be readily available at Start -> All programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment (or multimedia) -> Sound Recorder.

2. Audacity – You can download this über-cool open source recorder We are always on the lookout for interesting recording software, so do let us know if you come across any.

Where do I send my recordings, requests, etc.?


Do you post only English poetry?

Nope, all languages are welcome. In fact, we would love to see some diversity here at pō'ĭ-trē. We also post translations if available.

Can I send in my own poems?

Nope, at this time we do not plan to post original poetry. Unless of course, you are Wendy Cope in which case you are more than welcome.

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