Tuesday, May 6, 2008


an online literary journal since 2001, seeks submissions of poetry for its fall issues. Please visit the site by following the link below to our guidelines. Also below are the names of poets who appear in the May 2008 issue--representing a lot of good reading! Lunarosity archives all poetry it has published, so you may find the work of previously featured writers in our index.

LUNAROSITY, presents in May: Poetry by Ann Applegarth, Gary Beck, Gary Brower, Taylor Graham, John Grey, Tammy Ho, Kevin Paul Miller, Steve McLary, James Penha, and David Rushing. Managing Editor Wayne Crawford with Joanne Townsend on Poetry and Rus Bradburd on Fiction.

Writers Without Borders: Our reading series at the Branigan Library continues the first Sunday in April with Larry Goodell and Ellen Roberts Young. Journal 12 is coming in April. Submission for # 13 will soon follow.

 Posted on MySpace - a few of Wayne Crawford's poems, his first and second poetry videos, and a blog.

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