Saturday, April 19, 2008

Poetry Super Highway

Great Poetry E-Book Free-For-All

The mission of the Poetry Super Highway is to expose as many people to as many other people's poetry as possible.
A crazy project in which your poetry e-books will be freely available to all interested humans on Earth for a 24 hour period. Throughout April we will collect e-books from poets and writers interested in participating.

Then on May 1st, for a 24 hour period, a special website will go live with links to all of the e-books. For 24 hours anyone will be free to download, for free, as many of these e-books as they like...a poetry e-book free-for-all.
To participate, read all of the guidelines below and then click on our Online Submission form. That's it. It's simple. By doing so, your e-book will be included.

The E-Book has to be written by you. E-books should be in PDF Format for universal compatibility with anyone's computer.

If you have an e-book in Microsoft Word or another format, please convert it to PDF. One way to do this (if you don't know how) is to visit the website Then click on the orange link "Convert to PDF for Free >>". From there you will be allowed to select the file on your computer which will uploaded and e-mailed back to you in PDF format.

When creating your e-book file, please keep it smaller than 1 megabyte. Once you've created your e-book (not before), click on our Online Submission Form to join in!

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