Thursday, April 24, 2008

Featured Articles on Poetry Month

From I firmly believe it is not possible to get too much Dante. We make fun of Longfellow's sentimentality, but he was also a gifted translator of poetry - not Dante's. His Dante translation stands up with the best of current translations. That is if you don't do it the way you ought to: learn 14th c. Italian to read Dante... The other two articles sounded so interesting that I could not resist including them.
Poetry History

About Dante! Italian Language Guide Michael San Filippo has the entire Divine Comedy posted on his site, the original Italian terza rima in parallel columns with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s English translation. Bonus treat: the six sonnets Longfellow wrote while he was doing the translation, which served as “poetical fly-leaves” introducing the three parts of the great poem.

Chansons de Geste — an introduction to the Old French epic poems, “songs of deeds” centering around heroic historical figures, from Medieval History Guide Melissa Snell
The Shapes of Poems To Come

Concrete Poetry/VisPo — Poems Take Shape on the Screen
CyberSpace is not simply htmlizing, is what we here at About Poetry believe, nor is it simply a community-enforcement squad’s redefinition of friends and lovers fleshless. We see a poem on a screen as a poem, a connector of linguistic holistic hooliganisms, a shameless shaman sham’n’truth shake. Partake of our collection of poetry in which the visual element is part of the poem’s art, the typographical arrangement of letters and words on the page (or as here, on the screen) is as much a part of the poem’s essence as the more traditional poetic techniques like prosody, meter, image, etc.

Why I Love Making, a meditation on media with poems, by Mike Hazard aka Media Mike — Mike Hazard, artist-in-residence at the Center for International Education in St. Paul, Minnesota, writes about making video poems and poetic videos even though they drive him crazy.
Poetry Everywhere on Earth

Geology Poetry Geology Guide Andrew Alden has amassed a varied and entertaining collection of poems written by geologists and fossil-hunters or touching on geological topics, including his own poem, “Quakespotting.”

Alfred Joyce Kilmer and His Memorial Forest — an annotated photo gallery on the North Carolina forest memorial dedicated to the author of “Trees”, from Forestry Guide Steve Nix

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